IMPORTANT Info For August Programs! 

August 17th to 27th

Please READ!

General Info

Please be on time for your session. We start warm ups and sub-group organization at the session start time. Allow time for parking and/or drop off. If you require any medical necessities such as an inhaler, glucose tablets, or Epi-pen, BRING THEM.

Communication will take place through the following channels:

  • The email address you provided for correspondence on your online registration

  • Twitter:  @DragonsLairSSC (highly recommended for quick updates due to weather, etc.)

  • Not into twitter? No problem. The live Twitter feed is posted on this website's home page


  • A mask or cloth face covering. A neck pull up-style face-covering will be easier to use/operate for training and is recommended.  

  • Personal Hand Sanitizer

  • An insulated half gallon jug filled with cold/ice water. Access to public water is allowed for re-fills only.

  • A string bag or back pack to self-contain/carry/store/place all of your belongings

  • Personal hand towel

  • Properly tied and fit athletic shoes (necessary for strength days)

  • Cleats are recommended for speed/turf days

  • Your attendance during week 1 is HIGHLY recommended! Due to COVID-19 Regulations and training safety protocol, your presence during week 1 is essential to understanding all safety procedures. This is crucial to you and other participant's safety.

Refer to the FAQ page for other information (especially if you are new to the program)

Traffic Flow - Drop off - Pick up - Parking

Due to State Covid Regulations, all aspects of DLAIR will take place at the Steele Building, the Turf, and the Sport Fields  

                        Participants must wear MASKS at DROP OFF & PICK UP.  SOCIAL DISTANCE at all times.


  • ALL Vehicles please enter the complex off St. George Street @ the tennis court / Lover's Lane side of the facility. 

  • ALL Vehicles please exit the complex to St. George Street @ the Steele Building / Student Union side of the facility. 

  • ALL Vehicles please DROP OFF  & PICK UP your participants @ your designated group drop off area. Either 1 or 2.

  • Participants driving yourself must park between the maintenance garage area and Saint George Street. NO Exceptions!

  • If you are driving yourself, you will enter the facility at your designated group drop off area. Either 1 or 2.

  • Walk to the Turf to your designated spot with ALL belongings. (Staff will be present to direct you to your personal area) 

  • Signs & Staff will be present at both drop off and pick up to help coordinate.

Please DRIVE SLOW & exercise caution in ALL Facility areas! 


  • MON & WED: Speed, Agility, Conditioning

  • Cleats preferred on Speed Days

  • TUE & TH: Strength Training

  • Sneakers are mandatory for Strength Days


  • MON & WED: Strength Training

  • Sneakers are mandatory for Strength Days

  • TUE & TH: Speed, Agility, Conditioning 

  • Cleats preferred on Speed Days

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