Q: What should I bring/eat?

A: Properly tied and fit athletic shoes. Water, at least a 30 ounce container is recommended. More may be necessary. For sessions at the turf, It is best to keep it in an insulated drink cooler with ice. Placing a gatorade down on the turf in summer heat will make for a toasty beverage in about 5 minutes flat! For the summer programs, it is recommended that middle and high school groups bring cleats and sneakers. Be sure to have a breakfast and give time for it to digest. Earlier sessions (6:30am) eat nutritious but light and eat again after training.

Q: Is it okay to miss workouts?

A: We understand that during your school year and summer you may not be able to make all of your workouts due to obligations, camps, or family vacations. However, every workout has a specific focus and all workouts build on one another. Missing workouts mean that you may miss a big piece of the puzzle. If it happens often, your training will suffer and any one of the desired results - speed, agility, quickness, strength, power, or injury prevention will be compromised. There is a learning curve to everything we do, therefore, it is recommended that you make as close to all of your sessions as possible. For high school students especially - If you have an issue with making a session, let us know and we can advise you on how to make it up.


  • Balances are due in full with registration.

  • Scholarships available based on financial need.  Please contact a director.

  • No refunds for sick or absent days.

  • Fees are as stated.  There are no pro-rated fees.

  • If picking up your athlete, please be prompt. There is no supervision for late pick up.

  • It is advisable that each athlete brings his or her own hydration.

  • All sessions are co-ed.

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