"Rob Ferreira and Dave Maimaron run an elite sports performance program that I have had the pleasure of being a part of.  Rob and Dave’s coaching philosophies creates a positive training environment and bring the best out of every athlete. There is a reason why Duxbury High School sports competes for state championships every year and it starts with the work that is put in every Dragons Lair session.  I have been working with high-level collegiate and professional baseball organizations, and Rob and Dave’s programming methodology is at par with the top universities I have been a part of.  All of the Dragon Lair alumni that make it to the next collegiate level are more prepared athletes going into their preseasons because of their training received at Dragons Lair." 


Connor McCarthy
Minor League Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

"As a former division 1 athlete and now coach I have seen the advantage athletes obtain with a quality strength and conditioning program. You are far less likely to get injured and generally way more comfortable and ready to perform in what can appear to be an intimidating environment. I had the opportunity to join Dragon’s Lair for the first time in 9th grade and later on coach for the program. The coaches are honest, dedicated and care a lot about helping their athletes perform to the best of their ability. The performance techniques taught at Dragon’s Lair are very relevant to training at the college level and will give you a serious edge!"


Hannah Murphy

DHS Field Hockey, Hockey, Lacrosse, Class of 2013

UMass, Amherst Lacrosse, Class of 2017

Northwestern University Women’s Assistant Lacrosse Coach

“I’ve been a part of the Dragon’s Lair family from when I started the program as an athlete in the 4th grade to this day as a coach. Lucky enough to experience the program from both perspectives, I can honestly say there’s not a better place to ready your body for an upcoming season while also building morale amongst teammates. On top of this, Dragon’s Lair prepared me as well as any of my college teammates for a college workout program. Overall, I could not be more thankful to have been given the opportunity to participate in such an impressive program both as an athlete and a coach.”


Bobby Maimaron, Class of 2017

DHS Football, Lacrosse

Williams College Football

“I am extremely grateful to Dragon’s Lair for helping me to realize that hard work is the key to success which allowed me to get recruited to a competitive D1 program and for providing me with proper instruction regarding the techniques of strength training. These techniques allowed me to start my college career in the weight room very prepared and less likely to injure myself.” 


Caitlyn Carlisle, Class of 2017

DHS Crew

Duke University Crew

“Dragons Lair helped me become mentally and physically prepared to play at the next level. Coach Ferreira and Coach Maimaron do a tremendous job pushing their athletes to perform to the best of their ability. Without Dragons Lair I would not have been far ahead of the curve for lifting and training at Harvard which gave me a huge advantage over my teammates. It gave me the advantage I needed to play and achieve great things at both levels of competition. Coach Ferreira and the rest of the staff deserve all the credit for the preparation physically, with injury prevention, and even flexibility. Dragons Lair is something I would very highly recommend to all athletes.” 


Ryan Reagan, Class of 2017

DHS Football, Basketball

Harvard University Football

“Dragon’s Lair is the secret sauce behind the success of

Duxbury’s athletic teams.”

Kane Haffey

DHS Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Class of 2012

Amherst College Lacrosse, Class of 2016

“I would never have attained my athletic potential and achieved my dreams

of receiving division one scholarship offers without the instruction, motivation and camaraderie that I found at Dragons Lair. I know there are more expensive programs out there but there are none that are better!”

Matt O'Keefe

DHS Football and Lacrosse, Class of 2012

John Hopkins University Lacrosse, Class of 2016

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