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A typical speed session may include the following:
  • Dynamic flexibility warm-up for improved range of motion

  • Running form and sprint technique drills

  • Reaction drills for improved quickness

  • Ladder and cone agility drills for increased foot-speed and agility

  • Parachute resistance sprints

  • Sprint training utilizing elastic resistance for multi-directional speed movements

  • Evasive agility drills for offensive maneuvering and defensive pursuit

  • PNF post stretching for increased range of motion and flexibility

A typical strength session may include the following:
  • Dynamic warm-up including joint specific injury prevention exercises

  • Olympic lifts and progressions thereof for explosive power development

  • Plyometric training for first step explosive power and quickness

  • Eccentric strength training to develop deceleration technique and landing mechanics

  • Sport functional strength and core training utilizing various methods of resistance including: medicine balls, bosu balls, physio balls, free weight, elastic, and chain resistance

  • Single leg strength and balance movements for improved athletic performance

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